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    What is GENOS International Emotional Intelligence

    When people describe their most admired colleagues and leaders, they often use statements describing the person as consistent, calm under pressure, authentic, empathic and someone who operates with integrity. Today, we would describe this person as emotionally intelligent. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is about our ability to perceive, understand and regulate emotions in ourselves and others.

    Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

    Far from being ‘touchy-feely’, those with higher levels of EI have been shown to outperform their peers on tasks previously thought of as purely cognitive and rational. Tasks like strategic decision-making and planning investment selection. From customer service representatives to corporate leaders, there is growing evidence that those with higher levels of EI perform better than their less-endowed colleagues. Importantly, leaders who demonstrate advanced EI behaviours have teams with higher levels of engagement. This superior engagement leads to better outcomes related to organisational metrics, including customer loyalty, productivity, quality, and safety.


    While personality traits remain relatively fixed, EI is more malleable and given adequate motivation, practice and feedback; individuals can learn and demonstrate higher levels of emotionally intelligent behaviour in the workplace. People and Performance Advisory is certified and uses a range of Genos Emotional Intelligence products to:

    • Build leadership capability 
    • Support talent identification
    • Boost recruitment and selection
    • Enhance workforce resilience

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