Financial Modelling

    The expert team at PVW Partners has the unique skills and experience to provide financial modelling that you can trust and rely on.

    Our technical capability is among the best in regional Australia, delivering financial modelling and management information which can measure performance, assess operational capability, flesh out cost and value drivers and assess the potential of future projects.

    From acquisition opportunities, crop diversification, and assessing corporate finance options, our specialist business advisors are highly skilled in the delivery of dynamic three-way budget models to help our clients build and maintain successful businesses in what is an ever-changing market.

    Financial modelling involves the integration of past and anticipated financial data to inform strategic business choices. The primary aim of financial modelling is to amalgamate principles from accounting, finance, and business metrics to construct a predictive outlook for a business’s 's future performance under different scenarios.

    This forecast typically leans on the company's historical track record and assumptions of future performance and metrics. The process entails crafting an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and supporting schedules. The end result of a financial model serves as a pivotal resource for making informed decisions and conducting comprehensive financial analyses, whether within the organisation or beyond its boundaries.

    Financial models are used to make decisions about:

    • Raising capital (debt and/or equity)
    • Making acquisitions (businesses and/or assets)
    • Growing the business organically (e.g., opening new stores, entering new markets, etc.)
    • Selling or divesting assets and business units
    • Budgeting and forecasting (planning for the years ahead)
    • Capital allocation (priority of which projects to invest in)
    • Valuing a business
    • Financial statement analysis/ratio analysis
    • Management accounting

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