Facet 5

    Facet5 is a personality questionnaire specifically designed for use in organisations. It produces a comprehensive report on how an individual behaves at work. The report describes actual behaviour, their likely work strengths, where individual work preferences might lie, and guidance on best managing the person.

    Facet5 Model of Behaviour

    The Facet5 personality profile is based on the ‘big five’ model of personality and uses the following five behavioural dimensions:

    • Will: the degree to which an individual is determined, assertive and independent.
    • Energy: the degree to which an individual is enthusiastic, sociable, and involved.
    • Affection: the degree to which an individual is open, sincere, warm, and generous.
    • Control: the degree to which an individual is structured, orderly and self-disciplined.
    • Emotionality: interacts with the other Facet5 factors and affects stress tolerance, confidence, and emotional state.

    Profile Report and Components

    The Facet5 questionnaire produces a multi-part report which includes:

    1. An individual profile and report: describes individual behaviour and preferences.
    2. Review of competence: individual strengths and areas for development against six competencies: leadership, interpersonal, communication, analysis and decision making, initiative and effort, planning and organising.
    3. Guide to leading: how to engage and manage the individual to maximise engagement and job satisfaction.
    4. Work preferences: identifies how the individual prefers to contribute and pinpoints intrinsic motivators.



    People and Performance Advisory has used the Facet5 suite of products to help clients with:

    • Leadership development
    • Talent identification
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Career planning
    • Coaching

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