Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement

    Staff are highly engaged when they think and feel positively about their jobs, the people they work with and the organisation they work for. While employee engagement appears intuitively desirable, it can feel like the proverbial pot at the rainbow's end. Rather than a mystery, the secrets to employee needs are rooted in biology and psychology.

    Importantly, employee engagement extends beyond making people feel good about coming to work. The link between engagement, human resource measures and performance metrics has been well established. The Gallup Organisation has found correlations between employee engagement and human resource measures on staff retention, absenteeism, and safety. At the same time, positive relationships between engagement and performance metrics such as productivity, customer loyalty and profitability are consistently identified. The challenge is understanding the relationships between engagement and business performance in your organisation.

    People and Performance Advisory supports businesses to measure employee engagement and understand its relationship to business success. Furthermore, we will help organisations to analyse current engagement levels and to develop targeted plans to improve job satisfaction, wellbeing, and performance.

    Building employee engagement typically has the following phases:

    1. Assessment of current employee engagement levels (employees will be experiencing the organisation differently).
    2. Presentation of results to the management team.
    3. Analysing and understanding the results with the whole team.
    4. Creating engagement improvement plans.
    5. Building leadership capability.
    6. Monitoring and adjusting engagement plans.
    7. Assessing employee engagement levels (12 months after original assessment).

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