People and Performance Advisory

    “Creating Better Workplaces with People and Performance Advisory”

    We are committed to partner with our clients and create better workplaces.

    Workplaces that are more cohesive and engaged, that embrace and leverage strengths to build capacity and be productive.

    How we work with you!

    To create better workplaces, we need to understand the current state of play, how that is impacting people and business performance and where you want to be. Through initial discovery we can support you with a specific program to meet your needs.

    • Bespoke – Our solutions are tailored and reflect your individuality.
    • Sustainable – We work with you to build capacity so that you move from dependence to independence.
    • Consultative – We take time to listen to you so that we have a full understanding of your goals and the challenges you face.
    • Multi-faceted – We recognise that behaviour and performance do not happen in a vacuum. We take a systems approach and propose solutions that tap into relevant aspects of your people and your organisation.
    • Strengths-based – While we work with proven frameworks our approach is to build capacity from that base that you already have.
    • Partnership – We partner with you and help you develop ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships.

    Dean Tuckey and Sherren Edkins

    Understand what People and Performance Can Do:



    Leadership and Individual Coaching

    The choice to undertake coaching is usually driven by change; be that a change in mindset, behavior or outcomes. People’s behavior does not happen in a vacuum, and to affect sustainable change current performance must be viewed from a holistic perspective.

    Dean and Sherren provide coaching in a number of contexts with coaching packages typically based around six to ten sessions. We coach people as their goals relate to leadership, career progression, communication challenges or relationships.


    Group-based Leadership Development Programs

    Our leadership programs are engaging, experiential and behaviorally based. Our content is contemporary and highlights the leadership attributes that will be important in the coming years as we experience accelerated adoption of technologies and growing skills instability.

    Based on the 5-Point Leadership Development Model, our leadership programs are customized for each client and range from one-on-one coaching to 6-month group-based courses. 


    Team Performance Programs

    With the increased complexities of workplaces and the reliance on new technologies, it is more important than ever for teams to work cohesively and effectively. 

    Dean and Sherren facilitate engaging and practical workshops that support leaders and groups to build the foundations for high performance through aiding teams to: 

    • Develop a clear and compelling purpose
    • Establish a shared way of collaborating 
    • Build bench-strength and recognise individual contributions


    Psychometric Profiling

    While the term may sound daunting, psychometric profiling helps you understand your behavioural style and the way that you react to situations in a workplace. Psychometric tests can help to improve company culture by creating more synergetic teams. allowing team members the opportunity to understand how each other work and perform.

    The tests can give you a holistic view on your aptitude for roles and identify areas for future development. 


    To discuss any of your Development or Coaching needs, contact Dean Tuckey and Sherren Edkins.

    “we spend a long time at work, lets find the way to enjoy it rather than endure it from a personal perspective. I take a wholistic approach to people and behaviour so people can find their ‘spot’ - lets optimise performance through people”.



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