1st October 2020

    The partnership with PVW Partners has presented a unique opportunity to harness my passion even further and help more regional Queenslanders on their path to success…”

    AUTHOR: Lisa Richards

    I’ve always been a firm believer that what is meant for you doesn’t pass you by. The last few months have certainly served to cement that belief even further.

    Earlier this year I rang a colleague from some 34 years ago, PVW Partners Partner Greg Peel. I’d been having difficulty recruiting skilled staff and reached out to Greg to see if he might be able to assist.

    We had several conversations around the complexities of operating a successful business in regional Queensland and that’s how the seed of a merger between my practice, Richards Business Centre, and PVW Partners, was born.

    As we started to discuss the real possibility of uniting, it quickly became apparent that a merger made a lot of sense. I’m really thrilled to be uniting with a firm that has such a great reputation and is just as passionate about regional Queensland as I am.

    I started my career in 1986 at PriceWaterhouse so it is also a homecoming of sorts and brings my career full circle.

    I’m excited about the future as PVW Partners feels very similar to what RBC represents, just on a larger scale. At the core though, we have the same values, the same focus on client delivery and making the workplace environment a good one for our staff.

    The overarching goals and vision of delivering honest, value for money and trusted advisory services remains the same and that’s important.

    I’m also really excited about the career opportunities and prospects the merger brings for my staff. Going from a firm of eight people to now, one of 50, presents a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

    From a client perspective, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have clients turn into friends over many years. It is an honour to work with them and be their trusted advisor. I don’t foresee any of that changing through the merger; the only difference clients will see if any is an enhanced capability and service offering under the one roof.

    As a regional Queenslander who was born in Hughenden and grew up in Moranbah before moving to Townsville as a teenager, I am very passionate about our region.

    The partnership with PVW Partners has presented a unique opportunity to harness that passion even further and help more regional Queenslanders on their path to success.



    Lisa Richards Bio

    Having operated now for 26 years a very successful accounting business Townsville, Lisa knows how to manage her business and clients to achieve maximum results. She has a wide range of experience extending to all facets of the construction industry, medical industry, retail, primary production, real estate industry and extensive experience with investment products including property investments.  

    Lisa has a contagious energy which leads to the development of great relationships and getting the job done. She becomes much more than ‘just an accountant’ to her clients. She becomes a trusted advisor, mentor and friend.

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