13th May 2020

    “With the sands shifting so quickly, the ability for business to communicate its message quickly has never been more important...”

    Author: Dylan Cotton

    When I was recently asked to speak about how small business can better communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first thing that came to mind is ‘Why Your Message Matters’.

    With the sands shifting so quickly, the ability for business to communicate its message quickly has never been more important. It is vital to the ongoing sustainability of every small business that they’re embracing agile and innovative ways to adapt to the challenges they’re facing in getting their product, service or offering out to market.

    Captive Communications is helping clients through a range of measures, including:

    Digital Push

    With many businesses in lock down, digital is now the new “shop-front”, giving potential clients direct and easy access to your service offering. Business that have adapted their websites to cater for online markets have a distinct competitive advantage.

    Social Matters

    Social media use has been unprecedented throughout the global pandemic; for many, it has become their only way of communicating with the outside world. There is significant opportunity for business to cut through to existing and new clients. This is the perfect time to experiment with new content, elevate brand deals and support other local businesses.

    The ‘New Normal’

    As we all try to adapt to the “new normal” and an ever-changing situation, strategic business planning is key. There is every chance businesses are going to continue to be impacted for months or longer and planning for that by assessing opportunities and threats is going to be key.

    Digital Strategy

    We have seen Digital Strategies at the forefront of business survival throughout the pandemic, allowing businesses to quickly communicate their changing operations model to market.

    A major consideration for business moving forward needs to include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); Does my content reflect well for SEO rankings? Does my business have a search presence? How can my content cut through to my ideal clients? These are all things that businesses need to consider going forward.

    Community Matters

    ‘Locals Supporting Locals’ is something that you’ve probably heard more than once both before, and certainly during, the COVID-19 pandemic.  Helping each other to keep the doors open during this time of challenge has been a key focus and will continue to be over coming months. Getting the message out about your local offering is vitally important so the community can support your efforts.

    None of us really know what the immediate future holds, but just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the resilience of North Queenslanders will see a resurrection. By adapting in these times of change, we have the opportunity to create a new destiny going forward.  


    Dylan is a Digital Strategist at Captive Communications.

    You can watch him live tomorrow morning talking all things COVID-19 communications at the LIVE FM Business Breakfast

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